Go Ahead, Boss Us Around. We Looooove It. Oo, Yeah.

You controlled the media this week by telling us where to eat and what to eat when we get there. Besides that, a (pseudo)-scandal (allegedly) breaks out at Maple & Motor, and Denton gets some love. Read on.

City of Ate In her last-last-last review for the Dallas Observer, Hanna Rakin gets her hands dirty at Lockhart Smokehouse, a traditional barbecue joint that earns its chops with impeccable brisket.

At one point, Alice Laussade called La Paloma Taco-Taco "pretty good." That was the nicest thing she had to say.

Kristy Yang offers a slideshow of spring's freshest cocktails.

After seeing how foie gras is made, it was enough to turn us off from the delicacy forever. But then we remembered how tasty it is, and all was forgiven.

Our new Editor Joe Tone is diving into Texas headfirst... hat is, mouth first...er, he's asking for suggestions of our best eateries. First stop was Angry Dog, which left him mildly unimpressed.

Lauren Daniels brings home the bread from Hashknife BBQ.

Side Dish Tim Love is opening a third Love Shack in Denton, says Sarah Reiss.

Gas station tacos: Nicole Holland Pearce was there -- where was Alice Laussade?

Armed with a jar of peanut butter and a teaspoon, Reiss asks for your favorite spots to dine solo. Readers answer back with vigor.

Pegasus News A Facebook group accuses Maple & Motor of sexual discrimination. The details are scant, but here's the basics: a group says Jack Perkins discriminated against them; Perkins maintains that isn't so.

Frito-Lay pumps out Doritos that taste like something else. This time, it's Tapatio hot sauce.

Eating in Dallas We've said it before, we'll say it again: Cedars Social is damn tasty. Here, have a few more pictures.

Crave DFW Remember when the sun broke through the clouds and the streets of Boston were replaced with molasses? Steven Doyle does.

Bryan Conrood finds a country buffet at Cappy's. It's unlike Golden Corral in two ways: It's tasty and it's comforting.

Stephan Pyles has a few things he wants to share about his trip to Mexico.