Dallas' 10 Biggest Restaurant Closings of 2013

The end of 2013 inches closer, bringing with it the beginning of the new year, thoughts of life and death, openings and closings. Earlier we celebrated the most noteworthy restaurant openings of 2013. Now let us take a moment of silence to reflect on those we lost. The biggest closings of the year were surprising, disappointing or just, well, complicated.

Rosemont During the eight months it was open, restaurateur Tracy Miller's Rosemont (waffles pictured above) received mixed reviews, though there was optimism that it would grow into its own. Sadly that wasn't the case, and the joint dedicated to casual and elegant breakfasts closed its doors and its fish sandwiches to make way for Alligator Cafe.

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Tried and True The Tried and True is an example of the way everything about a restaurant can be perfect on paper but still lack some ineffable quality that brings together all of its elements. The name reflected the reliability of its concept, the tried-and-trueness of burgers and whiskey, but even that solid formula couldn't keep it going.


Private|Social After chef Tiffany Derry left a year ago, Private|Social went through an identity crisis, unveiling a super-modern menu that didn't score with critics or diners. After that the pendulum swung in the other direction with an almost sarcastic über-Texas menu, which wasn't enough to save it.


BEE: Best Enchiladas Ever At the very, very end of last year, the home of the self- (and Cheap Bastard-) proclaimed best enchiladas ever closed for business. BEE was the latest venture by Monica Greene of Monica's Aca Y Alla, but the enchiladeria folded like a corn tortilla , making way for Zoli's NY Pizza Tavern.