The Quarter Bar Isn't Quite Bourbon Street, But They've Got The Bourbon Part Right

Each week City of Ate will give you the lowdown on a local happy hour in Quittin' Time, with the details on why you should or shouldn't take up the featured bar or restaurant on its drink specials.

Where: The Quarter Bar, 3301 McKinney Ave. 214-754-4940

When: 4-7 p.m. daily

What: $2 wells and domestics

Why: Because it's been too long since you've been to New Orleans. And when's the last time you plunked down a five-dollar bill for two drinks and got change?

As you'll be able to deduce the moment you walk in the door, the "Quarter" in the name refers not to drink prices but to the French Quarter. It's cluttered with beads and other purple and gold decorative crap and fleur de lis designs. Yet, while the decorating is definitely over-the-top, it's done in a way that feels far more authentic and tasteful than, say, a Razzoo's. Antique furniture and signs (my favorite: "Ladies, please do your soliciting discreetly") abound throughout the maze of nooks and crannies. This labyrinthine scheme itself --t he result of room-by-room expansion over the years -- feels like a New Orleans bar, as it looks small from the outside  yet seems to keep opening up into room after room until eventually you'll wind up in the adjacent Bread Winners Cafe.

Aside from happy hour prices, daily specials include half-price bar food on Wednesdays and $2 wells until 10 p.m. Thursdays.