Vegetarian Awareness Month: Ten Ways to Celebrate in 2012

Last year, October was Vegetarian Awareness Month. This year, it is once again. Because clearly, the fight to recognize that Vegetarians are among us is still not over. We must be aware. We must make others aware. We will prevail!

Celebrating Vegetarian Awareness Month is easy! Just be aware that Vegetarianism and Vegetarians exist (and capitalize both for the entire month, out of respect.)

I don't know about you, but I like to go a bit over the top with my celebrations. So without further ado, here are ten new ways to celebrate our Veggie friends this month.

1. Turn Vegetarian Awareness Month into Vegetarian Appreciation Month. Kick it up a notch and sleep with a Vegetarian. They need love. And validation.

2. Eat a fucking pumpkin! They're vegetables, and they're everywhere!* *at Starbucks (or maybe not?), inside pancakes, way too many cupcakes, allllll over Pinterest, inside what can only be "teen" vodka, souffles, and yes, even featured at IHOP -- which officially declares the pumpkin trend over before it even began.

3. VOTE VEG! If you haven't noticed (I'm lookin' at you, non-swing states), there's an election coming up. If you are what they call an "undecided voter," eat your damn vegetables. You are in need adequate nutrition.

4. Pin nothing but Vegetarian food for the entire month of October. What? You're not on Pinterest?! How do you know how to dress yourself, decorate your house or make cake inside a coffee mug?! Get with it. You can find some suggested Vegetarian pinboards here, here and here.

5. Dress up as a famous Vegetarian for Halloween. Suggestions include Bill Clinton, Prince, Steve Jobs and Mister Rogers. The Plutarch of Chaeronea in Boeotia was also a vegetarian, but nobody knows who the eff that is, so don't come dressed up as Pluty.

6. Plant a vegetable garden and try not to catch and grill the inevitable rabbits who come to pillage it. Wascals.

7. Watch an episode of Veggie Tales on the Internet. You just might learn something. About Jesus.

8. Go to a Vegetarian restaurant, and leave the sass ("This would be a lot better with bacon.") at home.

9. Take your favorite Vegetarian friend to get a seasonal pumpkin pedicure at your favorite nail spa. But if your friend is vegan, please be respectful. Ask him/her to shower first.

10. Put veggies inside you all day. No, not like that. Gah. Were you successful during last year's Vegetarian Awareness Month? Did you eat like a Vegetarian for an entire day or longer? Try again. Make us proud.

How will you celebrate Vegetarian Awareness Month?

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