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In "Beer" Versus "Church" Tweet Map for the U.S., Guess What Dallas Did...

While Dallas is trying in earnest to advance in the craft beer movement, both in terms of brewers and drinkers, it just can't compete with the craft church movement.

An infographic created by (and reported by compared usage of the words "beer" and "church" on Twitter and mapped out the results.

Based on the time period of June 22 through June 28, "church" got 17,000 shout-outs versus 14,500 for "beer." And while San Francisco had the most "beer" Tweets, guess who had the most "church" Tweets? No, not Waco. I'm looking at you, Dallas.

Get the whole scoop over at who broke it down seven ways to Sunday, including cultural implications and how the map aligns with red and blue states from the past several presidential elections.

But, first grab a beer, then Tweet: #DallasDoesTooDrinkBeer