Eat This

And The Winner Is...

Among the NFL's labia-friendly rules changes for 2009 are that defenders knocked to the ground can't tackle quarterbacks and kicking teams can't bunch together more than five players for an on-sides kick attempt. A discussion on new pads to protect players' ovaries was tabled.

Richie Whitt in the Observer blog Sportatorium.

Note: We've tried to put together a viable contest. We really have--mostly as a way to rid ourselves of some freebie stuff PR types send to the office. Unfortunately, we really suck when it comes to putting together viable contests, apparently.

And so we resort to this: each Friday we will diligently seek out one outstanding thought (and by 'seek out' we mean 'stumble on as we click through the blogs') from a local blogger or commenter on any long as it is not written by a COA staffer.

This last provision allows us to present Richie Whitt with this week's award. He wins an oversized bar of French pear-marbled dark chocolate. And since we heard he's skipping next week's editorial meeting (something to do with the Rangers), we get to keep the prize ourselves.