Wrapping Up The Week That The Double Double Gods Finally Arrived In North Texas

Copper River salmon is nearly back in season, and Dallas plans to open up a new Central Market this year. A recipe for soft shell crab emerges. That's all that happened this week in food bloggery.

Oh, and some burger joint named In-N-Out opened in Frisco....

City of Ate Andrew Marton visited Clear Fork in Fort Worth and relished the unique and rustically flavorful appetizers, but found the entrees overwhelming, even likening one to a hubcap. But the final verdict was Good, If You Happen to Be There.

In-N-Out opened in Frisco on Wednesday. Writers Patrick Michels and Alice Laussade, along with every other meat eater in Texas, stood in the rain, waiting hours for a hamburger. Judging from their pictures, there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth. And crying. And line-jumping. Texas, get a grip.

Monica Berry learned a lesson in economics. Elsewhere, some horse with 571343-1 odds won the Derby. It was a strange day in the animal kingdom.

Alice Laussade apologized to WD-50's Wylie Dufresne for swearing inside the Lord's house.

Lauren Drewes Daniels discovered that an Arby's chicken salad sandwich is slightly unhealthier than cutting out your heart, dunking it in a bucket of lard and suturing it back in place. Still interested in this sandwich? We know how you can get a free one.

We didn't win the James Beard Award. Here are six other dumb things that didn't happen (but should have) at the ceremony. (There are famous-boob references in that link, if that makes a difference.)

Side Dish Somehow, there are still people who don't find Heart Attack Grill hilarious.

I know that you know that I know that you know that In-N-Out opened yesterday, but read this essay, "The Bun Also Rises," by Brooks Powell. If you thought the burger chain attracted crazies before, just wait.

Sarah Reiss offered a review of John Tesar's restaurant, The Commissary. Think the food looks good in pictures? Sarah says you have no idea. The food might not be high brow, but that's what makes it so charming.

Pegasus News Although I couldn't believe it when I worked in a down home restaurant, chicken and waffles is a legitimate dish. And Company Café does it right and offers fresh, crispy and tasty dishes at great prices.

Housewife-turned-mogul Bethenny Frankel will be in Dallas on May 20 to drink booze, sign booze, and talk about booze. Who's thirsty?

Escape Hatch Dallas Remember how your life is now, because after Copper River salmon season starts on May 16, it will never be the same.

If four Central Markets still can't satisfy your cravings for upscale freshness, Dallas is planning on opening a fifth store sometime before Thanksgiving. Here, be satiated. Crave DFW We told you last week that soft shell crabs are in season. This week, Jon Alexis told how to prepare your own and indulge the ravenous, animalistic eater in you.

Central Market Espana, a two-week celebration of all things wonderful and Spanish, started Wednesday. Is that too vague? Steven Doyle chatted with Spanish chef Isma Prados for a few more details.