Eat This

And The Winner Is...

Well, the big weekend is here. That's right, Mizzou vs Oklahoma State.

My brother earned his Ph.D from OSU (although I hear they practically give those things away in Stillwater) while I, um, attended doctoral classes at the Sorbonne of the Midwest (where, I believe, Stephen Hawking flunked out before moving on to easier schools)--so it's a bigger rivalry than Texas-OU, as far as I'm concerned.

If we had tickets to tomorrow's second-tier game--and if we were giving away prizes--we'd happily hand them over to this week's winning commenter.

Oh, well.

Good crop of non-winners this week:

Jack Broughton, responding to the burger battle between Burguesa (how's that for alliteration?) and The Porch: "Since when do you pair a junior bantamweight with a cruiserweight?"

Someone who has command of boxing weight classes and uses them to describe food? Greatness.

Twinwillow, commenting on potato skins (the subject of this week's Days Gone Bite): "A few years ago at the end of a 2 week vacation in Italy, Our little group gathered in the food court at Heathrow airport in London waiting for our AA flight home to Dallas. We all spotted the TGY Friday's in the food court and screamed, American food! Of course, we ordered loaded potato skins and ice tea. They were far from the best skins we ever ate but after two weeks of (albeit, delicious) Italian food, they tasted fantastic to us junk food starved Americans. Even the ice tea, which was probably made with 'instant tea powder' tasted good to us."

Had to look up AA because we were all confused. Turns out it's also an airline. But to Twinwillow's story, when I came back from Prague the first thing I wanted was a box of doughnuts. They were stale, but great.

Several stellar comments added to this week's Top 10 list. We picked three.

Dingus: "The whole valet things sets me off into rant mode, but it comes down to this: somehow or other I was able to competently manuever my vehicle from my residence to a place where I intend to spend money FOR FOOD. I have demonstrated proficiency at operating an automobile. Why now, for the final 28 feet of the journey, do I need to surrender my keys to some f#^%-ing Drakkar-drenched douchebag who'll climb into my car, park it into a space designed for Manute Bol's anorexic cousin, door-bang the adjacent vehicle, then make me wait in the heat or cold after the meal when I'm READY TO GO. This is a 'service' I'm expected to pay for?!?? Bullshit."

Puts it in perspective.

texaskatey: "Went to dinner downtown earlier this week (Tuesday night -- not a big dine-out night). Got hit with a $10 valet fee. This seems REALLY high. And what did it mean? Rather than ordering the planned $24.95 steak, I went with the $14.95 pork tenderloin (still excellent, BTW). My friend, planning on the pork tenderloin and a drink, went with a sandwich and water instead. So the restaurant lost at least $20-25 in income because of the high valet fee. Seems short-sighted to me."

Lot of numbers, but a good point. Some restaurants can't avoid valet requirements, of course. But there's a cost involved.

And our favorite (and thus the week's biggest non-winner--besides OSU, of course):

Handsome Lance Manion: "I mean, we can create silent washer/dryers, trains that do not even touch rails, air-glide 18 wheelers, pump-it-up high tops, but nobody has figured out how to keep a table leveled besides throwing coasters underneath?"