How 'Bout Them Knockers: Sushi Zushi

Sushi Zushi
3858 Oak Lawn Avenue
Dallas, TX 75219

Promised delivery time: 45 minutes
Actual delivery time: 26 minutes

Plucky, aptly-named tele-server: 9 points
Zippy delivery: 10 points
Food temp: 10 points
Tentacle tenderness: 8 points
Points deducted for timid tuna: 2

Total Score: 90

Overall Standings

  1. Yumi To Go 98
  2. Sushi Zushi 90 
  3. Picasso's Pizza and Grill 85.5
  4. Campisi's 84
  5. Angelo & Vito's 77
  6. Bangkok City (on Greenville) 73
  7. Chef Chu (North Dallas) 68

Funny thing about hangovers, they have very particular tastes. Lounging on my sofa this afternoon, waiting for the Advil to kick in, I could imagine nothing more healing than a giant plate of something greasy and maybe a side order of anything dosed heavily with the hair of the dog.

A certain someone, however, had something else in mind (thanks, editor). Or should I say zomething else in mind. Sushi Zushi at Oak Lawn and Blackburn is all about the adorable Z - from Chirashi-Zushi to Battera-Zushi, the restaurant's menu is chock-full of 'em. Even the sweet girl who answered the phone was named GiGi, pronounced zhee-zhee, keeping everything on-message. Aw.

Gigi made quick work of my order for a Sea Garden Squid Appetizer Salad and a Sampler that promised a "delicious assortment of nigiri- and maki-zushi". She estimated delivery at 45 minutes, but before I could decide whether or not to chug a Shiner before lunch (no, they don't deliver sake, but Gigi was tickled that I asked), the bell was a-ringing. My food arrived good and chilled, and so did the driver.

The Squid Salad was perfect chopstick-fodder, all tangled green seaweed and knotty tentacles. Mild sesame oil coated each tender morsel, and the dish packed a warm ginger kick in every other bite. My Sushi Sampler held five fat nigiri selections, lined up like little briny soldiers next to a spicy tuna roll. That roll was "spicy" in the tamer sense of the word, but accompanying wasabi paste and pickled ginger could add more punch if you like. Salmon nigiri, however, was as sweet and silken as any I'd have to change out of my bathrobe to enjoy.

Now, if you'll excuse me, it's time to catch a few (more) Z's.
--Lisa Petty