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E Bar Wins The Katy Trail Taco Run With A "Carnitas" Taco

E Bar quietly opened more than a month ago, but their performance at the Katy Trail Taco Run was anything but silent. The organized race paired with taco tastings drew almost 2,000 participants who voted E Bar's carnitas tacos as the best. A panel of judges agreed and E Bar swept the contest, taking home both running taco trophies.

The metal is on display at their bar, where you can order the same tacos with a side of beans and rice for $10.95.

Check out the taco porn...

The tacos aren't true carnitas fried in lard, but they're still pretty good. The kitchen dry rubs fatty pork shoulders with garlic, salt and pepper and then roasts them covered with plenty of peppers and onions till they're fall apart tender.

The flour tortillas are ho hum, and the pork can be a little salty but the tacos come together nicely with some onions, cilantro and cotija cheese. Ditch the spicy dressing and give your tacos a hefty squeeze of lime.