The Box

We Gave Carnival Barker's a Big Box of Crap and They Made Us This Hot Dog Ice Cream

We gave Aaron Barker of Carnival Barker's Ice Cream (at the Truck Yard) a big ol' box of crap and asked him to make us hot dog ice cream. He said, "OK."

Every ingredient from The Box had to be used, and he could choose to either split the items into two dishes, or to make one ice cream dish of delicious doom. Barker opted to make one dish. Because he's got big, giant ice cream balls.

Here are the ingredients that were included in his challenge:

Oscar Mayer hot dogs ? Ketchup? Mustard? Onion? Neon green pickle relish? Hot dog buns? Coca-Cola? Potato chips? Twizzlers

And now, Aaron Barker will tell you how he kicked The Box's box ass:

Barker candied the hot dogs using the ketchup, mustard, pickle relish, onion and some bourbon (He added that. We're always happy when booze is added). The Coca-Cola was used in the ice cream base, the bread pudding knocked out the hot dog buns, and he covered the Ruffles potato chips in chocolate. Twizzlers as garnish.

He then topped the whole thing with a bourbon cherry. A bourbon cherry that will forever top my "best garnishes to shove into your mouth hole" list. Barker says he makes these for friends yearly, when cherries are in season.

Alice's tasting notes: Barker's hot dog ice cream was a true America explosion. In my humble opinion, the only thing it was missing was a pair of fake boobs and a BB gun. If bourbon cherry ice cream doesn't happen soon at Carnival Barker's, I'll be extremely sad.

Catherine's tasting notes: It tasted delicious, although I was burping hotdog flavor like 20 minutes afterwards. Oh, and the hot dog bun bread pudding was legit!

Nick Rallo's tasting notes: I'll need the chocolate dipped chips to replace the rest of the foods I eat through the month. Those were Gladiator-good. I'll also need bread pudding to be forever made from Carnival Barker's because they made a bread pudding made from hot dog buns good. Also, the ice cream was somehow amazing even though the hot dog was a little like the weird guy who hangs around your house party after everyone leaves.

We want to thank Carnival Barker's Ice Creams for participating in our The Box challenge. Now, everybody go to the Truck Yard and eat their delicious ice creams. Like, now now.