Food News

Food Bloggers Wanted. Must Be Hungry.

Update: I posted this last night and within minutes had heard from several people, including a couple who I suspect will be gracing these digital pages at some point. That said -- keep 'em coming. Remember to put "City of Ate Blogger" in the subject line, and remember not to suck.

This here blog is looking for more freelance contributors. We pay, although not particularly well. We also sometimes reimburse for food. We also sometimes don't.

Here are the criteria, as far as I can remember right now:

- Must be able to write. - Must know something about food or restaurants or bars or booze or something remotely connected to the things this blog covers. - Must be able to write. - Must have some clear idea of what you want to do for us. Are you a line cook who wants to write a tell-all kitchen diary? An aspiring news reporter who wants to break stories about the restaurant industry? A lovable drunk who wants to write bar dispatches? I honestly don't care, as long as you have a clear idea of what you want to do, how you'll do it, how often you can do it, and why we should hire you and not the 92 other people who will send emails from their iPhones saying they want to do something but their not sure what whatdoes it pay can I ask it sounds fun!!!!!! - Must be able to write.

If you meet the above qualifications, send me an email proving it. Put "City of Ate Blogger" in the subject line so I can filter it into a folder to store all that untapped genius. No resumes needed. No writing samples. Just one mostly grammatically correct and compelling email answering and demonstrating the above. (It would help if you also demonstrated some familiarity with the blog and Dallas' dining scene.) I'll get back to everyone within a week. With any luck we'll dig up a few fresh voices for your reading pleasure.

Thanks, dear reader, and may this weirdly baseball-less Tuesday be full of whiskey and hummus other things that aren't the Rachel Zoe Project.