First Look

Boca Chica Tapas & Tequila Opens at Park Lane

Boca Chica Tapas & Tequila recently opened above the old Bailey's Prime Plus space at the Shops at Park Lane. Designed by the always-swank Plan B Group, this spot specializes in stiff drinks and modern (yet, sometimes ancient) Mexican fare.

This little mouth is the latest footprint from Restaurants America, which is the parent company of several new restaurants in Dallas, like Park Tavern, which also at The Shops at Park Lane, the Mockingbird Taproom at Mockingbird Station, Prime Bar on Cedar Springs and Townhouse at the Galleria. Nationwide, the group owns and operates about 25 restaurants.

The menu at Boca Chica is quite the interesting read. For appetizers, chilaquiles come with pulled pork, green salsa, avocado, fried egg and a cilantro cream ($9). Nachos are topped with a duck confit, chicarrones, black beans, pico and Chihuahua cheese fondue ($10). A chicarrones and garbanzos dish has fried chickpeas, herbs and the little fried pork skins.

Albondigas are pork meatballs with bacon, watercress and smoked tomato-saffron broth. Smoked beets, Chihuahua cheese, bacon-avocado salsa and a "macho gazpacho" are all on the menu as well. And we're still just on the apps.

Cheviches and guacamoles come with all types of crazy options. Like crab, corn and orange.

There are lobster tacos with frothed corn (yes, corn can be frothed like the milk atop your coffee) and a smoked jalapeno cream ($7). And tortas with tinga (a really old-school shredded chicken recipe), cochinita pibil or carne asada.

Big plates include huevos rancheros, flautas, faldilla (skirt steak, roasted corn, queso, mushrooms and a red onion marmalade, served with tortillas - $23). Chilpachole is pasta dish with lobster, shrimp and fish, sofrito and a spicy tomato-saffron broth ($23). Lastly, there's one burrito.

The tequila and mezcal options ring in at 36. Or you can get a Bud-Light Lime-a-Rita in a can. Options. Lots of options.