Openings and Closings

With Eight Bells on the Way, Expo Park Is on the Verge of a Food-and-Drink Comeback

Amsterdam Bar fans were allowed barely a week to mourn the loss of one of Expo Park's more iconic bars. Developer Madison Partners LLC announced this week that it's landed new tenants in Ten Bells owners Meri Dahlke and Michael Hickey, who will open Eight Bells.

This is a huge addition to the neighborhood. Pizza Lounge is the only real restaurant in the area since Meridian Pint closed last year, and Pizza Lounge is not exactly a dining destination. Craft and Growler, meanwhile, has been inebriating customers with buckets of beer at a time, before turning them loose with little more than snack mix in their bellies.

Ten Bells has been crushing the bar scene in Oak Cliff, winning awards for Best Bar Food from us and others. If they can accomplish anything close to that at their new address, the neighborhood will be very, very happy.

Eight Bells will be joined by Expo Bar and Grill, from the former Arcade Bar and Lakewood Theater owners. There you'll find a small menu of more comfortably focused food and craft beer -- a no-frills neighborhood kind of place.

Noble Coyote's coffee roasting space has already been announced, and while it's not a full coffee shop (another thing missing in Expo Park), it will sell beans roasted on-site, and offer tastings. Together, the openings will transform Expo Park into a well-rounded entertainment district -- one that might even be referred to as destination worthy -- for people who live in other sections of town. Let this serve as notice to all Expo Park residents: Your rent is soon to go up.