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Rockstar Bakeshop, Dallas' Newest Food Truck and Purveyor of Whoopie Pies, Gets Rolling

It was months ago that a small white bag of insane whoopie pies were dropped off at my office. Since we don't typically write about things that appear at our office unsolicited (it happens a lot), I tossed them out to the staff and watched them disappear.

Now I have a press release announcing that the Rockstar Bakeshop intends to launch its new food truck this coming Friday. I wondered what these guys have been up to after months of silence, so I gave owner Kristin Leonard a call.

Rockstar Bakeshop never did have a storefront, as I had assumed.

"We started at farmers markets and concerts at the House of Blues," Leonard told me. The truck is a new addition to the business. Leonard has been baking out of the commercial kitchen at the recently shuttered RedFork Tavern, and the truck will give them extra mobility, as well as a presence.

When they aren't baking the Leonard's aren't real rock stars, but they're close. Kristen's husband, Denver, works at the House of Blues and is the road manager for Sleeper Star, and Kristin does publicity for the band. "Yeah, we keep the rockstar hours," Kristen joked. While most bakers get up at 4 a.m. she says they never start baking before noon.

I bet they're in a little early this Friday. The official launch party to unveil their truck, "Layla," promises more of those nutso whoopie pies, caramel dipped pretzels and enough other sweets to rot out all 32 of your teeth. They'll join the Easy Slider truck at the Dowdy Studio in East Dallas. You could drop in on those Goodfriend fellows when you're done pounding sweets.

Friday, March 9, 2012, 5 - 8 p.m. at Dowdy Studio (10025 Garland Road, Suite G)