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Andrew Zimmern Ate His Way through DFW This Weekend, with Help from Daniel Vaughn

If you spent some time at any of a few area barbecue restaurants this weekend, you might have bumped into Texas Barbecue Guru Daniel Vaughn and TV Person Andrew Zimmern as they palled around eating Texas barbecue. Zimmern was in town filming for an episode of Bizzare Foods America, which is devoted in part to regional variations of Texas barbecue.

The picture above, taken from Zimmern's Instagram feed, shows the meal he was served at Chicken Scratch by Tim Byres. Vaughn, the barbecue editor at Texas Monthly, also took Zimmern, known for his love of yak penis, to Lockhart Smokehouse, Odom's in West Dallas and Cooper's in Fort Worth. And that's not all they ate. These are two meat-eating professionals, you know.

If you want the play-by-play you should hop on Zimmern's feed yourself, but his stop at Revolver Taco in Fort Worth is worth a mention. Zimmern watched the cooks press out tortillas, grind up chilies for salsa and braise kidneys before claiming the food was the "some of the best Michoacan chow he had had anywhere."

The show is tentatively scheduled to air in April, according to Vaughn. And now, here is a short movie about a pig: