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Starbucks + Cap'n Crunch: Why? Because Meth is Illegal, We Guess.

Starbucks has been roasting and serving coffee for 40 years now, and has picked up a few extra menu items along the way. One such creation, which has become a staple item for the company, is the blended, frozen, dessert-in-a-cup, known as the Frappuccino.

The blended treat has been all the rage since the mid '90s, and Starbucks has done everything in its power to keep the Frappuccino new and interesting, introducing flavors ranging from java chip to chai cream to green tea. There are coffee-based and cream-based, vegan and even bottled varieties. But one version that's never been featured on the menu, yet many baristas and Starbucks junkies know by name, is the Cap'n Crunch berries Frappuccino.

So, what's in a Cap'n Crunch Berries Frappuccino? It's nothing more than the standard strawberries and cream Frappuccino with a few pumps of hazelnut syrup substituted for the classic syrup that is normally used. There is debate concerning the recipe, as some people have reportedly made the drink with both hazel nut and toffee nut syrup, but we think the first creates a more accurate re-creation of the ultra-sugary kiddy cereal flavor. (Some people like to make it with sugar-free hazelnut syrup instead, because it makes it taste a bit more artificial, which oddly means more authentic.)

While the barista who initially invited the cereal-flavored-beverage goes unknown, it has definitely become somewhat of a cult sensation among Starbucks goers. And what with Starbucks celebrating its 40th anniversary this month and news of PepsiCo putting the kibosh on advertising Cap'n Crunch to children, now seems like the perfect time to celebrate this off the menu item in the Siren and Cap'n's honor.

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