Hate Your Family? 10 Dark Bars to Find Joy In Dallas

Well, OK, "hate" is a strong word. Besides, love is close to hate. Indifference is actually the bad place. Anyhoo! The holidays are upon us. And remember, it's healthy to release the pressure created after stewing for hours in a crowded room, breathing in dank, hostile air.

So, perhaps you'll need just one drink to take the edge off. Then, another for good measure. Here are 10 bars with dark corners, lovely people (who aren't related to you) with reliably cold and/or strong drinks.

Ships Lounge (1613 Greenville Ave). Scott Reitz penned an ode to Ships Lounge and, particularly, why you should go there to watch the Cowboys game (which is at 3 p.m.,of course. I feel silly even writing that, but just in case you're new to Earth). Ships opens at their regularly scheduled time of 10 a.m. Thursday and will have some turkey, ham and other dishes too. New family?

Lakewood Landing (5818 Live Oak). I haven't done official research on this, but it appears Lakewood Landing has received the most Best Of awards here at the Observer. The list includes: Best Beer Joint, Best Juke Box, Best Home Away From Home, Best Dive Bar, Best Overheard Conversation. So, Best of Everything Ever opens at 8 p.m. on Turkey Day.

While at Lakewood Landing, if you need to stretch your legs, waddle around the corner to Cosmo's Bar and Lounge (1212 Skillman St.). Apparently we don't have a category for best light fixtures and lampshades or this place would clean house. Additionally, it's dark, comfy and there are many good tunes on the jukebox. Cosmos will let you in at 5 p.m. on Thursday.