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Zagat Rates The Top Restaurant in the Area But Don't Think For a Minute It's in Dallas

Don't you just hate it when someone tells you that the top restaurant in Dallas is in Fort Worth, and that someone is Zagat, whose annual survey carries much weight in the food world?

Don't you just want to smack 'em before telling them that Dallas-Fort Worth is not one geographic or cultural entity and for them to consider the two cities as one category makes them seem peculiarly provincial; perhaps they even view Dallas with the same kind of iconic Wild West imagery -- cattle, cowboys, Stetson hats -- as they do Fort Worth.

Not to take away from their choices, which were tallied based on the reviews of 3,000 Texas dinners, according to the folks at Zagat, but they gave San Antonio its own category and yet relegated 2.5 million hungry Dallasites to DFWland?

Actually the survey only scored Fort Worth as having the"Top Food" restaurant (Bonnell's) whereas Dallas won with Top Decor (French Room), Top Service (French Room) and Most Popular (Abacus). Feel like taking issue with or for that matter agreeing with Zagat? Have at it. We've left you plenty of room in the comments section.