Photos: City of Ate Kicks Off Supper Club at the Kessler Theater

After we finished a light salad, touched with olive oil and fresh goat cheese, Marc Cassel entered a halo of light at the Kessler to introduce his fine meal: beef tenderloin with wild mushroom stroganoff and bright parsley, followed by a chocolate cake in a creamy anglaise.

And so kicks off City of Ate's Supper Club, last night being the first installment of a dinner and music series at the Kessler Theater in Oak Cliff. Next month, May 5, we'll have chef Kelly Hightower with music by Nina Katrina, followed by famed Smoke chef Tim Byres in June.

Last night featured the three-course meal you'll see pictured after the jump by Marc Cassel, whom you may know from the Green Room, with an effortlessly good set of smoky jazz from Damon K. Clark.

Check out photos of the dinner and entertainment after the jump, including info on upcoming Supper Club events. Hope to see you all there in May.

Check out Elizabeth's post for more info on next month's Supper Club at the Kessler, and follow City of Ate on Twitter.