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Del Frisco's Grille Is Conquering the Meat Globe

It doesn't seem all that long ago that I reviewed Del Frisco's Grille, the casual restaurant from the Del Frisco's Restaurant Group that opened in Uptown in 2012. The place had a laid back and youthful vibe that stood in stark contrast to the more polished experiences of Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steak House. There were egg rolls filled with the contents of cheesesteaks and skinny margaritas served on tap.

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When that review was published, two locations of the restaurant were in operation (the other was located in New York City) but employees hinted at more to come. Boston and Washington D.C. soon followed. Now, according to their website, there are now Del Frisco's Grilles across the country. And they're still not finished.

The latest opened this week in downtown Fort Worth in Sundance Square. Bud Kennedy's Eats Beat features a picture of their familiar coconut cake buried under a mountain of white chocolate shavings. The flat breads, cheesesteak egg rolls, and tuna tacos that were on the menu at the Dallas location almost two years ago have made it to the Fort Worth menu as well.

And just in case you're stuck between the two cities, a third local option is just a month away. The Del Frisco's Restaurant Group recently started hiring 150 employees for their Southlake location and it's expected to open in December. It makes you wonder how many Del Frisco's Grilles will be open in another two years.