Aint Nothing But Mr. G's Thang: A Sandwich Worth Seeking Out

Each week, Justin Bitner goes hunting for DFW's most interesting sandwiches. Have a sandwich suggestion? Leave it in the comments and he'll check it out.

Venue: Mr. G's Deli

The Sandwich: Balis Bad Boy ($7.49)

Bread: Briefly toasted French roll

Toppings: Chicken breast, onions, Sicilian olives, lettuce, tomatoes, jalapenos, ranch, avocado (but they didn't have any when I visited).

The Case: As many a dorm room poster has eloquently put it, "Life is full of choices." That nugget of wisdom is represented to its fullest at Mr. G's Deli and Beverage Center in Plano. With thousands upon billions of varieties of beer and wine to distract a thirsty soul, it's easy to overlook the deli counter tucked away in the back. On my recent visit, I bravely put on my booze blinders and headed straight for the counter.


I was greeted there with a fleet of chalkboards scrawled with over one hundred sandwiches, many of which are named after various friends and family. Letting my eyes wander the menu, I was drawn to a yellow sheet of paper in a plastic frame on the counter containing a special dedication. Having heard Mr. G's "orgasmic" sandwiches advertised on The Ticket, I decided to try the Balis Bad Boy, named after the station's very own Danny Balis. After placing my order, I took a seat at one of the checkered booths and pondered what the "G" stood for. Gräfenberg, perhaps?

My carnal musings were broken up when my order was ready: a French roll packed to the brim with chicken and toppings sitting on pig-dotted butcher paper. As has been said here before, the key to a great sandwich is balance. This edible nod to the Terlingua comic himself maintains exceptional harmony all the way through. The jalapenos and house-marinated olives get along incredibly with each bite, neither one trying to dominate the sandwich. The chicken breast, tossed in a fresh rosemary and oil mixture, brings forth the herbal aromatics along with the savory texture of the fowl. The ingredients get a light toss in ranch dressing before hitting the French loaf, giving them a creamy layer of flavor that chicken salad only dreams about.

The Verdict: The Bad Boy earns high marks for being a delicious, original concoction. You can even go "Full Balis" and order the thing to go, retiring your car to enjoy the sandwich along with an after-hours drink.

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