First Look

And Now, Some Photos of the Fort Worth Food Park

We stopped by The Fort Worth Food Park (2509 Weisenberger St.) over the weekend to check it out and mingle with some of Cowtown's finest. (See correction below). What we found was less of a park and more of a tiny alley stuffed with food trucks. And it was pretty damn cool.

The Food Park is behind Montgomery Plaza, situated at the end of quasi-industrial Weisenberger Street, behind the Super Target. Parking is essentially any empty spot along the street. Look for the colorful trucks and two huge trees lit up with festive, blinky lights and you'll know you've arrived.

The trucks line a narrow alleyway, allowing their rich smells to waft over the two long banks of picnic tables set in a shallow bed of playground rocks. The park has heat lamps set up every few feet along each walkway, which definitely made life easy once the sun went down.

To answer your bladder's question: Yes, there are bathrooms. Clean bathrooms! A requisite amenity for any child-friendly place. Needless to say, the small space is perfect for the whole family.

The close proximity of the trucks to each other makes the park an intimate experience, and chances are you'll share one of the wooden picnic tables with some other hungry folks. These folks might be crunchy Denton types eating from Good Karma Kitchen, flashy thirtysomething folk in stilettos (so, so funny when combined with walkways made of rocks), or young family folk with a golden retriever in tow. If you do find yourself sharing a table, be excited for a great opportunity to creepily eye what they're eating and go get your own. That's how we discovered the Chocolate Echo cupcake from the Red Jett Sweets truck.

The trucks offer everything from tacos to cupcakes to gluten-free and vegetarian fare. Each truck takes cash and plastic, which is super convenient.

Worth noting are Rollin' Diner and Grill's Sriracha mayo option and Weinerman's hot, buttery and fresh (even at the end of the night) buns. A return trip or three are definitely in order to try out the rest of the food that magically becomes better when it's shoved through a truck window.

An earlier version of this story indicated that the food park only recently opened. It opened in December. We are morons.