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KFC Is Now Selling a Dish for Your Car's Cup Holder for Mobile Hate-Eating

One text or call could wreck it all, according to, a site that warns of the dangers of using a cellphone while driving. Eating and drinking are also listed as dangerous habits on the site, along with reading, adjusting your radio and grooming.

And yet, amidst all this danger, KFC is ready to revolutionize eating while holding a steering wheel with your knees.

The chain's new "go cups" have a tapered bottom designed to fit into your cup holder so you can mindlessly snack as your hurdle down the highway. Each cup-held meal costs $2.49 and includes your choice of five different menu items and a fistful of wedge potatoes.

The winner is undoubtedly the "chicken little" option, which crams a complete chicken sandwich and spuds in a go cup. It's easy to envision subsequent accessories, like clip-on sauce cups for dipping.

If your cup holder currently doubles as a trash can, replacing the used tissues and crumpled wrappers filled with spent gum with a go cup is an undeniable upgrade. Or you could slow down the pace a touch, park in a suitable lot and actually try to enjoy your "food." Or better yet: Drop the quotation marks and hit the grocery store.

If that doesn't work for you, please at least use your go cup responsibly. Turning a steering wheel with hands that are glazed in chicken grease is more dangerous than taking a selfie on Instagram while hurtling down the highway.