Martha, Martha, Martha

White, that is, not Stewart.

The folks at Martha White have issued a call for entries in the 13th Cornbread Cook-Off. Why care? Well, not only does the winner rake in a cool $5,000--roughly equal to a journalist's annual salary, so a very exiting prospect in these parts--but the lucky finalists also earn a free trip to glorious South Pittsburg, Tennessee.

Yep, you read that right: cornbread, fast cash and the city that never that they have cable.

Judges will select ten finalists from all entrees to participate in the cook-off. Plenty of other prizes besides hard cash...but there are a few rules, or course. You must use at least one package of Martha White cornbread mix in the recipe and cook it on Lodge cast iron (at least in the finals). No professionals or club hoppers lusting for some wild nightlife in the SP, either.

Enter by February 28. Complete rules at the Martha White website.
--Dave Faries