In Latest Dallas Mavericks Promo with Help from the Mecca Restaurant, Dirk Nowitzki Sees You Big Cinnamon Roll.

Far as we know, the storied North Dallas breakfast spot humbly named Mecca doesn't really serve 20-pound cinnamon rolls. Not yet, anyway. Update: They were closed last night when I called, but as Dawn points out in the comments below, Mecca DOES have these 20-pound rolls. Read on after the jump for more from Mecca about their large buns.

With a little green-screen trick photography, the Mavs-produced video above (tip of the hat to The Two Man Game) has Shawn Marion, Jason Terry, DeShawn Stevenson and Dirk Nowitzki each tackling an enormous Mecca cinnamon roll, and, we're led to believe, polishing that puppy off, ensuring that, in the epic struggle of Mavs versus Food, the Mavs win again.

Even if Mecca can't turn out 20-pound rolls like these, I say this opens the door for a bona fide competition. The only other recurring cinnamon roll eating contest I could find is at Zuzu's Cafe in Seneca Falls, New York -- which is closing down in a week anyway.

For the record, of course, that 20-pounder's nowhere near the Guinness-validated world champion cinnamon roll turned out at the House of Bread in Washington, a 246.5-pound roll that, based on Dirk's listed weight, is a pound heavier than he is.

Those buns, at least, should be big enough for Dirk.


Reached by phone this morning, Melissa Hagen at Mecca says they made the first of their giant cinnamon rolls for the Food Network's Chefs vs. City (you'll recognize some of that footage in the Mavs video) a year or two ago. They're two feet by one-and-a-half feet across, and two inches tall.

"That's not something we do on a regular basis," Hagen says, but with three days' advance notice, you can order one of your own for a little over $50.

Incidentally, Hagen adds, while Jermaine Dupri made his pilgrimage to Spiral last weekend, Mecca had a celebrity sighting of their own around the Super Bowl -- she says Emeril stopped by the kitchen to check out how they make their migas and, of course, their cinnamon rolls.