Eat This

An Ode to Louie's Other Pie, From Scratch and Made by Mom Herself

Been to Louie's lately? You know the place: bad parking, cash and AmEx only, expensive cans of beer, potentially surly waitresses and all that other fine stuff.

Customers just either get the hole-in-the wall spot or they don't. Whether or not you like cracker-like pizza crust and flavors (both culinary and otherwise) that makes Louie's special, there has to be some part of your soul that at least likes pie.

Not the savory pie. The dessert.

Back in 2009, Guy Fieri visited Louie's for his show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, and it was really the only glimpse we've gotten of the workings of the kitchen. The Canelakes brothers are originally from Waukegan, Illinois, and after the older brother, Louie, moved to Big D, he wanted to bring the thin-crust pizza he grew up eating at home near Chicago. His brother came down to join him and works in the kitchen while Louie pours strong martinis up front.

The beauty of Louie's is they don't really worry about much, besides good food and those martinis. The spot has been open for 25-plus years, and when they first got the keys to the concrete corner spot I imagine there was a discussion that went something like this: "Do you think we should fix it up much? Maybe hire an interior designer or something?" to which Louie waved his hand and said, "Nah, just let it happen."

And it has. They don't have a website or Facebook page. Twitter or Instagram accounts? Ha! That's funny. Jokes are welcome here.

If they had Instagram or Facebook, maybe we'd know a little more about the from-scratch pies made by the Canelake's mother. We shared a slice of the coconut chess pie the other night and it was a horrible mistake. Never share pie there. Get your own. It was doused in whipped cream, which really just needs to be pushed aside. The pie underneath was buttery, warm, easy on the coconut. The top of the pie has a crisp little snap that gives way to a warm, dense, buttery serving of amazing.

They also had French silk, Key lime and cherry cheesecake. Save room and some cash ($5) for a slice. Then do a Facebook check-in and an Instagram picture to laugh in the face of their old-school ways.