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Where to Eat Dallas' Best Macarons on National Macaron Day

For the longest time, Dallas was a macaron desert. There were a few pastry shops that offered the fancy cookie, but most iterations were crumbly impostors of their French counterparts. But then, there was a renaissance. As macarons quickly became the "it pastry," macaron shops started popping up all over Dallas. It's a beautiful thing.

Macarons are so trendy that today, March 20, has been designated National Macaron Day. That, of course, means that you absolutely must go out to one of the city's best pastry shops and indulge in a few (or several) delicious cookies. There are plenty more macaron shops to choose from in Dallas, but here are six of the best.

Joy Macarons This Bishop Arts bakery focuses exclusively on macarons, which means that you'll find flavor offerings that are outside of the traditional French classics. These brightly colored macarons are available in classic flavors, like pistachio and almond, but the more inventive combinations are where you should spend your money. Try a few honey-lavender or rose-lychee macarons to give your palate a break from the boring.

H-Mart Korean grocery and French pastry generally don't go together, but this international Asian market in Carrollton is home to Tous Les Jours, a French-Vietnamese style bakery that cranks out incredible macarons. Try a green tea macaron for a little something different, or stick with vanilla for a simple-but-elegant cookie. The macarons here are also much more affordable than those sold at swanky shops, but still just as delicious.

Bisous Bisous Patisserie Uptown's Bisous Bisous Patisserie is probably the newest brick-and-mortar macaron shop in town, but Chef Andrea Meyer's perfectly pillowy macarons are familiar to plenty of Dallasites. If you enjoyed Meyer's confections at White Rock Local Market or through special orders, you'll be pleased to know that the new retail location in West Village serves up macarons just about every day. Choose from Meyer's baker's dozen of regular flavors, and be sure to check out the always-changing rotating flavors for a delicious surprise.

Kate Weiser Chocolate Kate Weiser is generally known for hand-painting bonbons and filling up chocolates with booze, but she also makes a mean macaron. The flavors here tend to be as quirky as Weiser's personality, but we can't think of a better way to spend National Macaron Day than sitting in Weiser's Trinity Groves shop and watching the chocolatiers with a plate of macarons and an espresso.

Rush Patisserie You're lucky that National Macaron Day falls on Friday, because if it were earlier in the week, Rush Patisserie would be closed. Luckily, though, you'll be able to make it to French-trained pastry chef Samantha Rush's Oak Cliff shop for some of her perfectly pillowy macarons. Just go ahead and pick up a dozen -- it will save you a trip when the craving strikes on Monday and Rush's doors are closed.

Chelles Macarons You won't find a Chelles Macarons storefront, but you can still get your hands on these delicious confections today. The owner didn't attend conventional pastry school, but instead perfected her macaron technique at home. Check out her cookies at Plano's Craft Kitchen and see for yourself if they stack up against those made by chefs with a pedigree. With quirky flavors like black sesame, mango blossom and pink Champagne, you'll definitely be satisfied.