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In Most Addison Move Ever, TGI Friday's to Open Across the Street from TGI Friday's

Look, when it comes to a much-mocked place like Addison, you don't always want to deal in stereotypes. But sometimes these jokes write themselves.

In what is presumably an attempt to catch people who accidentally drove past the first Addison TGI Friday's, a second one is opening a block away. Crucially, this one will be on the north side of Belt Line, rather than south. Here are some photos we stumbled on of the supposed renovation work of the former Champps location.

Comically, the original TGI Friday's in Addison (which will presumably now develop some kind of authenticity complex, possibly with an "established in" sign) is at 5100 Belt Line, while the new one will be at 4951 Belt Line. They are separated by only a tollway. We wish we were making this up. In Addison, it is twice the Friday.

So what's the deal here? Does TGI Friday's think that the city of Addison might get overwhelmed by its endless appetizers offer and they'll just have a line out the door? Do they plan on building a tunnel between the two locations for ease of staffing? Do you remember where you were when the entire city of Addison rose up as one and declared that there weren't enough re-heated cheesesticks in their fine city? WHY IS THERE NO APOSTROPHE ON THEIR SIGN?!?

Word is this new TGI Friday's will be a "concept" of some sort, according to the Mayor. Whether this concept will involve serving good food, we cannot possibly say. We await news of a second Buffalo Wild Wings next door to the first one.