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Spoon Opens for Lunch and Brunch Beginning May 12, and Chef John Tesar Promises to French My Mom

Two highly important pieces of information for you: 1) May 12 is Mother's Day. Get it tattooed on your forehead. 2) Spoon Bar & Kitchen will open for lunch and brunch on Sunday, May 12. If you want to win Mother's Day, consider hooking up The One Who Made You with Mother's Day brunch at Spoon (aka Tesar's Fancy Seafood Place Next to Black-eyed Pea).

This Mother's Day menu has everything. It's got chili lobster and Texas toast, or you could go with the smoked sturgeon "head cheese." There are foie gras torchons, flash-pickled diver scallops, a lobster Benedict, a soft-shell crab BLT and cuttlefish aplenty. You want skate? You got skate, Mom. And there's even seafood "ramen," which offers up both of your mom's favorite things: 1) seafood 2) quotation marks.

Before I Open-Tabled my reservations for Mother's Day brunch, I had a few questions about the event. I knew from the press release that "Spoon Bar & Kitchen is a fine dining seafood restaurant by James Beard nominated chef John Tesar. Spoon offers several unique dining experiences." But exactly how unique would these Mother's Day experiences be? I had to ask Tesar. Here are my hard-hitting, journalisty questions, and Tesar's serious answers:

Dearest and Most Talented The Chef John Tesar,

Q: If all these moms are hugging on you and drooling on you during brunch service, is that even sanitary? What do you plan to wear to ensure that health code isn't violated by these women sincerely wanting a piece of "The Tes?" Tesar: I'm going to wrap myself in the Guide Live section of The Dallas Morning News

Q: When my mom pretends to have questions about the menu, will you come over to our table and read the menu to her slowly? Or will you be sending an attractive server to each table instead? Tesar: If anyone has questions about the menu on Mother's Day, I will be happy to come over and talk to them. I would love to talk to anyone's mother on Mother's Day. There's no job more important than being a mother. 

Q: I saw several delicious-looking options on your Mother's Day menu, but none of them included the words "vodka" or "tonic." Will there be individual bartenders for each mother, so as to keep up with demand? Tesar: To keep up with the vodka tonic demand, we have employed an octopus to bartend on Mother's Day. 

Q: I know this is a fancy place, and we want to be punctual. What exact time will the strippers show up? Tesar: Whenever you pay them to. 

Q: How much for you to French kiss my mom? (She's a solid nine, and happily married, if that makes a difference.) Tesar: Only if she promises to close her eyes.  

Starting May 12, lunch will be served at Spoon Bar & Kitchen Tuesday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., and brunch will be served on Sunday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. For reservations and more information, visit or