What the Empty Shelves at Whole Foods Say about Dallasites and Icemageddon

If you wandered into a grocery store last night, chances are you encountered a larger than normal number of cracked-out shoppers stuffing their carts as if they'd never see another grocery store again. Common convention says that milk and toilet paper are core staples for faux-apocalyptic preparedness, but when I wandered into the Lakewood Whole Foods last evening both items were still spilling off the shelves. In fact, other than what seemed like a few more customers than normal in the store, everything seemed pretty typical until I got to the produce section and saw the bananas had vanished. Only a bunch or two of those weird red bananas remained.

I didn't know that bananas were something that people kept on hand in case of hard times, so I started poking around the store to see what else had been snapped up by these cautious Dallasites. Here's what I found.

Onions were hit as hard as the bananas, unless you like the red kind. This one makes sense because a dry store onion will keep for ages. You could stock up now and be ready for the rest of the sort-of-emergency events of the winter season.


Salad greens I get. They're easy enough to turn into a quick and easy side dish.


But carrots were absolutely decimated.


Unless you want to buy them 15 pounds at a time.