First Look

Bisous Bisous Is Open in Uptown, and Already Serving Some of Dallas' Best Pastries

It's a little hard to find, but find the new J. Crew on McKinney Avenue and, with any luck, your nose will lead you the rest of the way. Bisous Bisous, a tiny West Village patisserie, opened for business this week, and the exhaust fans are perfuming the streets and the alleyways. A dude who lives above the place is said to have gained three pounds from the smell of croissants alone.

Owner and chef Andrea Meyer carries herself with a steely coolness, but privately she's a little stressed. It's early in the afternoon, her cooks have already turned out hundreds of macarons, and there might not be enough. Through a window into the bakery you can watch them work, gently prying bright purple shells from silpats, trying to keep up. "I don't even want to take inventory," Meyer says.

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She's surrounded by floral arrangements dropped off by neighboring business owners. The colors pop off of white walls covered in subway tiles the size of magazines. It's a stunning backdrop for golden browns, dark chocolates and a rainbow of pastels: the colors of pastries, macarons and other sweets that will dance in your head from this second until you pay Meyer a visit.

There's also coffee. So, if you find yourself shopping in West Village, you would do well to walk around with a croissant in one hand and a steaming cup of java in the other. The croissants are the flakiest I have tasted in Dallas. It's quite possible I lost half of my pastry to the breeze while walking down McKinney Avenue. I wasn't mad, though. I filled the void with three macarons.