For This Week's Appetite for Instruction, Sushi Purists Need Not Apply

Beef Tataki Roll Demonstrated by Chef Atsushi Koda of RA Sushi

Sushi, sushi, sushi. You either love or hate the Japanese concoction of seaweed, rice, and whatever else is thrown in there. If you're fond of it, then you'll be happy to know that Appetite for Instruction is venturing out and finally doing a sushi demonstration for our City of Aters.

First, you should know there are different types of sushi from which to choose. There's the simple chirashi-zushi, that's a bowl of sushi rice topped with sashimi. The not-as-simple inari-zushi--fried pouches of tofu stuffed with sushi rice, fish and vegetables. And let's not forget temaki-zushi, which is cones of sushi rice, fish, and vegetables wrapped in seaweed. We're just naming a few, but there's more sushi styles to pick for the making. OK, enough about the different varieties, time for the demonstration.

We decided for today's Appetite for Instruction that executive chef Atsushi Koda of Plano's RA Sushi should start us out with something simple (well, he made it look simple) by preparing the maki-zushi, which is a handmade roll that most people are familiar with. If you're not a fish lover, then you will be pleased by this recipe, which includes beef rather than the more traditional fish.


1 sushi mat
3.5 oz. sushi rice
1 sheet sushi nori
1 piece asparagus
2 pieces avocado slice
2 pieces red bell pepper
2 pieces artichokes
1.5 oz. flat iron steak
0.5 oz. creamy wasabi sauce
0.5 oz. scallions

Side note: The creamy wasabi sauce is a secret recipe of RA's, but they suggest you combine rice wine, spicy mayonnaise, garlic puree and black pepper to make the sauce.

Step 1: Place the sushi rice on the sushi nori (seaweed wrap) and flip the nori over with the rice facing down.

Step 2: Place asaparagus, avocado slices, red bell pepper and artichokes inside the nori.

Step 3: Form roll by placing it in a bamboo sushi mat and rolling it. 

Step 4: Place the seared-flat iron steak on top of the roll, then cut the roll into 8 pieces.

Step 5: Garnish with scallions and serve with creamy wasabi sauce.