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The Foundry Has Celebratory $5 Old Fashioneds Today, Plus New Turkey Wings at Chicken Scratch and a Nod from Brits

The Foundry was recently named by Southern Living magazine as one of the best bars in the South on account of its spacious, twinkle-light covered courtyard. This bar just opened last year and has quickly gained a lot of attention, primarily on account of said courtyard, which is more like a small concert venue. Flanked by some of the best fried chicken at Chicken Scratch, it's a unique spot in the Dallas dining scene. To celebrate today, the folks at The Foundry will have $5 Foundry Old Fashioneds all day.

Stateside magazines aren't the only ones taking notice of The Foundry and Chicken Scratch. Yesterday BBC Travel ran an article about Tex-Mex, Central Texas Barbecue, Tim Byres and Stephan Pyles. Well, OK, we're not Central Texas, but we probably wouldn't be able to label all the proper parts of England, so let's not throw stones. Here's an excerpt:

"Times are a-changing. The era of tasteless Tex-Mex -- think soggy tacos overflowing with lacklustre cheese -- never really flourished here. If it did exist, far from defining regional cuisine, Tex-Mex was a propagation of the fast food outlets and not at all true to local tradition. But over the last decade -- and particularly the last few years -- a bunch of brilliant young chefs have finally banished those unfortunate Tex-Mex associations and are pioneering a brand of cuisine that takes such Texas clichés as fast food and barbeque and is breathing new life into them."

Well, I mean... not all the tacos have lackluster cheese. That's more of the enchilada's job. We, in fact, have some tasty tacos. Again, let's not bicker on the specifics. It's Friday, after all.

One other note of interest: This Sunday Chicken Scratch is introducing a new item to their menu -- barbecue and Buffalo turkey wings. Chef Byers certainly knows his way around fowl and 'cue, so these should go perfectly with Super Bowl Sunday.