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Fire and Brimstone at The Standard Pour

After seeing a number of press releases and blog posts detailing the food at The Standard Pour, I decided to head to the Uptown gastropub to see if the place was worthwhile. I was hoping the "Cocktail Den and Cravings Kitchen" would be the neighborhood's answer to Ten Bell's Tavern, the Oak Cliff Bar where the food is just as good as the booze.

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The Standard Pour got only one of the two right, during my visits.

The drinks I had while dining at the bar were well thought out and balanced, but eating here was often a disappointment. Execution was off, meat was overcooked, and dishes were overly greasy or otherwise out of balance.

The bar looks great, though, and earlier in the week, when you can still get a seat, this is one of the better bars you can indulge along McKinney Avenue. Just look elsewhere if you get hungry and want to eat well.