Openings and Closings

Coming Soon to East Dallas: Harvey G's, a Humble Burger-and-Fries Takeout Joint

A new burger joint is expected to open on Columbia Avenue just north of Carroll Avenue any day now. The sign for the restaurant went up late last year, and lettering in the window solicited employees.

Harvey G's sports a retro facade, and the inside of the restaurant is dedicated to East Dallas, burgers, cheese fries and beer. Pictures taken around the neighborhood hang on the wall (the Lakewood Theater, It'll Do Club and more) and the smell of freshly frying spuds will soon fill the air. And then there's the signature Poncho Villa burger.

Hash browns, an egg, bacon, ham and cheese serve as a vehicle for delivering a bun slathered with Thousand Island dressing. Oh, and there's a beef patty in there somewhere, too. January is here; time to start working on that summer body.

There are curly fries on the menu, which I originally mistook for the potatoes cut like pig tails and served at Hardee's. Harvey's curly fries are a spiral cut potato, served as a continuous helix. And be still my soon-to-be-not-beating heart, the menu also includes chili, Fritos pie and milkshakes, all in one convenient take-out location. Harvey G's is more of a cash and carry restaurant but there are a few seats at the front of the place if you want to mainline some grease and mayonnaise.

Sold, or at least curious? Owner Barry Brown, who founded and sold Barbec's, says his latest creation should be open next week.