If Only We Could Have Fried Cake Balls at Sam's Club

This week in food news, diners and their dogs flocked to patios to enjoy the cooler weather, we got the results of this year's Big Tex Choice awards and actually found a guy who has a problem with cake balls. Read on.

City of Ate Scott Reitz came across new friends and a new beer this week at the Katy Trail Ice House, a restaurant tucked along the Katy Trail that offers good food on a comfortable patio. He offers steps on how to best enjoy the restaurant: order the "bottle caps," employ the homemade blue cheese dressing and forget you ever knew what a "beerita" is.

Sushi Rice and Express solves two of the three big problems with sushi: There's isn't expensive, and it doesn't take a long time. As far as avoiding food poisoning: so far, so good.

We told you anything hot-dog flavored couldn't be that bad, and look. Hot dog chips actually aren't that bad.

In this year's ongoing State Fair of Texas coverage (look away, Nancy Nichols), fried bubble gum took home Most Creative. Fried buffalo chicken in a flapjack won Best Taste. Elsewhere, someone fried chicken skin and loaded mashed potatoes and won absolutely nothing.

And then Justin Bitner got strangely uptight about cake, and said that he'd be in charge if he had enough nickels.

Side Dish Full Custom BBQ's Daniel Vaughn is taking a break from his blog to work on a book. He'll still be around to occasionally tell you what barbecue to eat where.

What's worse: a patio with dogs, or a patio with dog-haters?

Dallas_Foodie Danielle Glick penned a list of Dallas' best milkshakes and got twisted in a big conflict of interest. She should've known better -- contributors have been booted for less (like having "bitch" in their pseudonym.)

Remember when Andrew Marton reviewed The Office Grill and loved it, and then some commenters were like, "But wait! Owner Michael Costa is such a jerk!" Nichols has been following his jerkdom for years now, and reported that he was recently arrested.

Pegasus News Obtaining a liquor license is turning into a problem for Garden Café, whose surrounding neighborhood dreads the shenanigans serving a glass of wine might bring.

If you haven't had enough of fried bubblegum from just reading about it, here's a map of where it find it, along with the seven other Big Tex Choice finalists.

Do you know where to find quality chicken feed in Dallas? Do you know what a quasi-narrative about chickens looks like? Now you do.

Escape Hatch Dallas Earlier we told you about Princi Italia, the modern Italian concept by restaurateur Patrick Colombo. The restaurant opens tonight, and will start serving brunch in October.

Eater Dallas In addition to cooking at the Brownstone and twice missing the mark on Top Chef, Casey Thompson has partnered with Sam's Club. In this interview, she talks about her recipes, new projects and bulk toilet paper.

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