Chef Tell: There's a Mouthy Bully from Dallas Named Morgan

This week on Top Chef Just Desserts Brought to You By Dawn Hand Renewal Because Dawn Hand Renewal Loves Top Chef Just Desserts, renowned cake decorator and beautiful ice queen Shinmin Li guest judged the Quickfire Challenge of edible bouquets. Dallas' own Morgan and Yigit created the top offerings (despite Morgan destroying one of Yigit's pulled isomalt vases), and Danielle, Zac and Eric landed in the bottom for messy bouquets lacking pulled sugar or too much skill. Morgan won the challenge and $5,000 from the aforementioned soap pimps whose name I will not say again. I just won't! [Kicks dirt.]

For Elimination, the five chefs were required to prepare 100 portions of two small tea party desserts based on contemporary celebrity duos for a "Celebritea" party hosted by Food & Wine's Dana Cowin. It was a tall order, especially with 30 minutes and $300 to shop at Albertson's...oh, and no chocolate in the Top Chef pantry when they returned. They had to adjust their recipes and work on the fly. Except for Zac and Danielle who weren't going to use chocolate anyway.

The dishes:
Zac: Julie Andrews (Cap'n Von Trapp Crunch with mascarpone cheesecake and a spoonful of taragon sugar) and Blake Edwards (Pink Panther pavlova)
Eric: Oprah (round pecan shortbread with caramel) and Stedman Graham (square rosemary shortbread with apricot compote)
Danielle: Conan O'Brien (strawberry jalapeno cake) and Andy Richter (oatmeal cookie with buttercream and orange blossom water)
Yigit: Madonna (citrus yogurt cake with baked honey flan) and Guy Ritchie (brown butter sable with dulce de leche and Calvados gelee)
Morgan: Reggie Bush (blond sacher torte of almond sponge cake with apricot coulis and citrus buttercream) and Kim Kardashian (citrus macaroon with buttercream and sour citrus fluid gel)

Throughout the entire episode, two things became very clear: Everyone but Morgan thinks Morgan is a total asshole, and where Morgan goes soundbites will follow. So, before I give you the results of the show, here are the top five comments (and one honorable mention since it's technically for next week) from last night's episode made by or about Morgan Wilson:

Honorable Mention: "Can't finish your truffles? You don't belong." -- Morgan

5. "Morgan is a bully in the kitchen. He has a really foul attitude that people don't want to get sucked into." -- Zac

4. "I focus on me; maybe that's why I'm faster than everyone. I don't care -- ever -- what they think." -- Morgan

3. "[Kim Kardashian]'s a little rough around the edges like a macaroon and she's getting a little bit sour and bitter about the fact that [Reggie Bush] hasn't proposed yet, so inside is a sweet buttercream bolstered by a very sour citrus fluid gel." -- Morgan (Note: This was filmed before the split, but after Morgan admitted he didn't know jack about celebrity couples and just saw this on a magazine at Albertson's during the shopping run.)

2. "Although some people complained they couldn't pick [the blond sacher torte] up with one hand, I was fully prepared to lick it off the plate." -- Shinmin Li

1. [In response to Danielle's "C'mon, dude," when they almost collided during plating prep in the kitchen.] "I'm trying to figure out which way you're going. Say a direction or shut the fuck up." -- Morgan

Clearly, Dallas' dessert dude was made for Bravo. He ended up in the top three with Zac and Danielle, but Zac's Andrews and Edwards inspired duo took the win. And Eric's sad shortbreads earned him a trip home.

Next week: Final four. High drama. Based on Morgan's comment, truffles.