First Look

Hopdoddy Burger Bar Opens Wednesday in Preston Center

Hopdoddy is an upscale, yet casual, restaurant and bar that originated in Austin just a couple years ago and has quickly amassed an ardent drove of devotees. Their hippie-seducing burgers are an affirmation to all things craft, local, organic, Austin and Willie.

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Their first spot here in Dallas, at 6030 Luther Lane in Preston Center, exudes that Austin-vibe with an interior cast in warm natural tones and pastoral pictures of Texas musicians along the walls. In terms of atmosphere, the highlight in the dining room is a large serene picture of a Willie Nelson. If "Blue Eyes Cryin' in the Rain," ever made you just a little wistful, you'll want to have a burger and beer near that picture.


I will warn you of a "process" when you walk in. Tip: Don't just go in and sit down. Order first and then they'll tell you where to sit. That seems awfully bossy for a bunch of hippies, right? It's still early in the game, so let's withhold judgment.

Hopdoddy uses all natural, local (when they can) ingredients and bake their buns in-house twice daily. They also grind all their Black Angus beef for their 7-ounce patties "cooked to a slight pink center."

Hopdoddy has 12 burgers on the menu, which starts with their Classic ($5.50), then goes on to things like the Magic Shroom, Terilingua and Llano Poblano (roasted chiles and bacon). Their Greek burger (picture above) is a lamb patty with feta cheese, arugula, pickled red onions, tomato, cucumber and tzatziki sauce. Also, there's a Janis Joplin made with a hemp seed veggie patty topped with avocado and a horseradish honey mustard. All of those burgers range from $7.50 to $8.

The Ahi Tuna Burger is made with sushi grade tuna, sprouts, teriyaki, honey wasabi, nori chips, pickled ginger and mayo and cost $12.

The only other item on the menu at that price point is the Primetime: Texas Akaushi beef, brie, truffle aioli, arugula, caramelized onion and steak sauce.

Hopdoddy has a large bar that takes up most of the right half of the restaurant and has at least seven Texas craft beers on tap including: Lakewood, Peticolas, Deep Ellum Brewing Company and Franconia. Their specialty drink menu features margaritas with a "house-made Triple Sec" and the Skinny Dip is made with their frozen margarita and DEBC's Dallas Blonde.

Lawdy. I suggest you check it out.