So Torani's Chicken 'N Waffles Syrup Actually Exists Now

So, last year in March, Torani announced through a Marketwatch story that they had a Chicken 'N Waffles Syrup. Then, they were all like, "Oh hey, just kidding this is an April Fool's joke in the disguise of a viral marketing campaign and stuff."

Which brings us to today, where a package just showed up in the Observer HQ inbox: actual Chicken 'n Waffles Syrup. Alongside it is a press release from San Francisco-based Torani entitled "Due to Unprecented Demand, Torani Chicken 'n Waffles Syrup Will Debut Cyber Monday" and a few recipes (pictured below) From the release:

"In late April, the Torani research and development team set out for a day-long flavor safari to Bay Area restaurants like Auntie April's and Frisco Fried, to find the gold standard of this classic food combination."

Well played, Torani, well played. Starting November 26, the new syrup'll be on sale for $6.95. Us? We're thinking about adding it to this morning's coffee.