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Oak Cliff Bicycle Company Fires Up the Grill

While the brand new Katy Trail Ice House has garnered most of the attention in the trailside eats category this week, Oak Cliff Bicycle Company has quietly debuted a picnic series designed for riders willing to get dirty.

The bike shop this past weekend staged its first "barbikecue" at the Oak Cliff Nature Preserve trailhead, serving up free hot dogs, veggie dogs, pasta salad and beer. Owner Jeremy Ordaz hopes to make the picnic a biweekly event.

"It's just a little thing we do," Ordaz says. "We're going to do it until it gets sweltering hot."

Only 25 people took advantage of the first feast, but Ordaz attributes the turnout to lousy weather on Sunday.

"It was cold and drizzly," he says.

Ordaz hasn't yet welded a grill to a bicycle, despite the photo he's using to promote the event -- "that's what the Internet's for," he says of his Google Images find -- but he's planning on bringing a grill and bikes to future picnics.

"Sorry we aren't as rich as some of your favorite shops, but if you would like to try out some Sram shifting or single speed madness, we will bring a few bikes for you to throw a leg over," Ordaz writes on the shop's web page.

The next barbikecue is scheduled for April 17. The party starts at 4 p.m. and finishes "when we leave," Ordaz says.