What Booze to Get Your Dad for Father's Day, From the Experts

This Sunday is Father's Day, and it's hard to know what to buy that big old teddy bear to show your undying affection for teaching you what a man is. When lottery tickets and neckties have run their courses, a nice bottle of booze is always a good option.

We asked a few experts around town, including Louise Owens of The Windmill Lounge, which was recently named one of the coolest dives in America by Esquire magazine. We also got some suggestions from Michael Martensen of Cedars Social and Smyth. Martensen has helped lead the charge in the comeback of the classic cocktail in Dallas. And not many know more about quality tequila than Markus Pineyro of Urban Taco.

Owens suggest a bottle of Zubrowka Vodka ($30), also known as Bison Grass Vodka, which comes from a remote corner of northeastern Poland and is a herb-intense vodka that gets its taste and hue from bison grass.

If Dad is more of a whiskey drinker, Jefferson Reserve Bourbon ($55) is a nice blend of three whiskeys aged up to 20 years in American oak barrels. Owens also recommends Highland Park ($51) or Bowmore 15-year-old Scotch ($120). Or a bottle of small batch Templeton Rye ($40).

For the budget-friendly boozes, Martensen recommends Weller 12-year bourbon ($27), as "absolutely the best value bourbon on the market. And what they don't tell you is it is the same mash as Pappy Van Winkle."

Martensen says, "Whistle Pig is a fantastic mid-road 10-year rye whiskey ($71), with great spice and nutty flavors, perfect for making Manhattans.

"For the ballers out there, one of the best and least talked about Scotches out there is Glenrothes. They release by vintage year -- 1978 is the current release. It'll set you back about $500, but there's also a 1988 out as well for about half the price of the '78. This whiskey is the perfect balance and is full of flavor: honey, spice and light smoke."

If Pop is a tequila fan, Pineyro suggests Milagro Silver ($28) for those on a budget. If Dad was particularly good this year, a bottle of Chinaco Anejo ($57). If your daddy is a big daddy, go for a bottle of Don Julio 1942 ($127).

If you're looking for a Texas-inspired drink, small craft-distilleries are booming. Balcones in Waco has won more than a dozen whiskey awards recently. Scott Reitz is partial to their single malt whiskey.

Firestone and Robertson in Fort Worth also has a great blend simply called TX.