Is BEE A Keeper? Bloggers Share Their Thoughts

In-N-Out has poked its head out of the ground again, looking for its shadow. Besides that, muffins may be coming back in a big way. In case you missed either post or are hesitant to believe BEE's boastful name, Dallas blogs and writers are here to enlighten you.

Dallas Observer

Hanna Raskin finds that competitive meat judging is comparable to French Club, with much higher steaks (sorry, stakes) and a much more lucrative pay-off.

Alice Laussade finds that Best Enchiladas Ever (BEE) serves the best enchiladas ever. The restaurant retains the title even with its penchant for microwaves and a stressful menu.

City of Ate

It would seem that Elevation Burger got busy congratulating itself on its environmentally friendly food and forgot to make its burgers special. Or even tasty.

Crawfish season is seeing some abnormalities due to the weather this season, says James A. Keith. Apparently, "mudbugs" hate icy weather. The small harvests are driving up prices.

Central Market plans to set pie aside and resurrect the muffin as the king of sweet treats but Hanna Raskin is skeptical. To prove their point, Central Market is rolling out a new line of muffins.

As a veteran hostess, I can tell you that restaurant patrons hate smoking sections. The only things they hate more are sitting by a chilly door or being able to see the restrooms. Or sitting at a table when a booth is open. Smoke Free Texas reported patrons would be more likely to eat out if restaurants banished their smoking sections. Logic and clean living wins again.

Barbec's offers thick-cut bacon and beer biscuits, so it wasn't a surprise when Dude Food raised a grubby thumb in approval.

The Dallas Morning News

Leslie Brenner finds some of the food at Urban Taco soapy or spoiled. She gives it one star.

Faring better was Bob's Steak and Chop House, which earned three stars for its tasty cuts of meat. The restaurant may have earned four, but the cooking temperatures were hit-and-miss.

Eats Blog

The Brownstone's Casey Thompson and Smoke's Tim Byres have been nominated for Food and Wine's The People's Best New Chefs.

Side Dish

George Catering is closing at the end of February, Nancy Nichols says. But she says not to fret: Although this is the end of its catering business, George Catering will fill all outstanding orders.

Sarah Reiss elects to challenge Central Market and say that pie bites are The New Cupcake.

If you have a $20 bill and a taste for fine wines, Hayley Hamilton has a few ideas for you.

Pegasus News

Feeling bummed about the lull in In-N-Out Burger coverage? Rejoice.

Critic's Guide

Review after review agrees: BEE is a lame name for something completely awesome.

If you feeling up to lugging around your own stuff, Dave Faries has a list of Dallas' Top 5 BYOB spots.