Eat This

Seasons 52's Tiny Treats: You Earned 'Em

Let's face it, you've been good to yourself. You've resisted the urge to patronize multi-caloric palaces of pleasure and instead have chosen to dine at Seasons 52, where every item on the menu is less than 475 calories. Well, now that you've polished off your ripe plum tomato flatbread and grilled boneless rainbow trout, you're ready for indulgence! Why not make your reward a Mini Indulgence for dessert, whether the zesty Meyer lemon pound cake or the delectably dreamy red velvet? These tiny parfaits contain just a few bites, yet are decadent enough so you don't miss gorging. Because let's face it, since you are good to yourself, you can allow for a little indulgence every now and then.