Six-Packs of DEBC's IPA Will Be in Sigel's Liquor Stores Today

Yesterday Dallas' own Deep Ellum Brewing Co. fired up its bottling line and today six-packs of their IPA will be available at Sigel's liquor stores in Dallas and in Addison on Wednesday.

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DEBC says their flagship beer, is an American pale ale made with a variety of American hops "with high alpha acid contents (which means more potential for bitterness) and using them in ways that emphasize the flavor and aroma we can render a rather bitter ale with over the top tropical fruit, citrus, pine, floral and more hop derived aroma and flavor."

While DEBC would surely love to sell bottles in liquor stores all the time, it's complicated because they have small four-head bottling system right now. At some point they hope to invest in a bigger system, a process that you can help hasten by drinking more of their beer.

A six-pack from Sigel's will set you back $10.99. For a complete list of all locations (several are listed below), check their site, but call ahead to make sure the beer is in stock.

In other news, if you're looking for some solid tunage on this glorious Tuesday, click "No" at the age prompt on the DEBC site.