Eat This

And The Winner Is...

City of Ate seems to be running a little behind as the short week comes to its close. So instead of interns poring through hundreds of posts on a dozen or so local blogs to find a 'winner,' one guy whipped through a page of items to come up with these two suspects:

"My name is Brian L. and I'm a lrg chz & ssg." Solid detective work (like finding his name attached to the bottom of the post) led us to conclude that one Brian Luscher, chef of The Grape, posted this line admitting an addiction--that's the first step, chef--to Louie's pizza...although he seems to have confused blog posts with texting there at the end. He's our runner up.

"I'm not sure if its a distribution thing, but its just something I remember reading somewhere." Excerpted from a comment by Tedo on the absence of Young's Oatmeal Stout in this market, posted under the Hophead column. The City of Ate staff has used this line many times during meetings with our editor ("but, sir--I remember reading it somewhere"). So Tedo is a winner in our books.

Tedo indeed wins a jar of hazelnut and cocoa spread, quite similar to Nutella--except that everything is in French. The prize is valued at several Euros (which means about 80,000 USD--or much less, depending upon the exchange rate).