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Taco Bell Is Launching U.S. Taco, a New "Fast Casual" Spot Where the Tacos Will Channel Dallas

You with the Instagram camera. Taco Bell is looking at you.

The latest idea that came down from the YUM brand Olympus: In the style of the Arlington-born Super Chix, KFC's anti-Chick-Fil-A spot, Taco Bell will launch a hip, Instagrammy restaurant called U.S. Taco Co and Urban Taproom. Basically, it's hashtag upscale Taco Bell.

From USA Today:

"Everyone in the U.S. has become a foodie," says Jenkins. "The first thing young people do in a restaurant is take out their camera and take a picture of their food -- and post it on Instagram."

Here's the thing: you won't find anything Taco Bell on this menu. There'll be no loaded stuffers, or grilled screams, or Mexipizzafrisbees. No, this the Banana Republic of Taco Bells. You won't even see Taco Bell's logo, or a XXL steak or anything. Remember, the first rule of Upscale Taco Bell is not to talk about Upscale Taco Bell.

On the menu, New Restaurant News says:

And rather than going for an authentic Mexican theme, the new concept will tap regional American flavors, offering a playful menu of premium tacos in the fusion style of food trucks or the contemporary taquerias of Dallas or San Francisco's Mission district.'

Hey, look at that: Dallas' taco scene has made the Taco Bell map! One of the tacos is actually called the Smokey & the Bandito, and it's stuffed with "Texas-smoked brisket," salsa and cheese. Maybe it'll come with a Big Tex made of fried corn, or a Calatrava bridge built entirely of Guy Fieri's restaurant leftovers. Which brings me to my point: If this new spot has Texas influences and a brisket taco (you may recall the brisket taco was born in Dallas), will it be a matter of time before it hits our town for a test drive? WILL IT?!

The first test spot for U.S. Taco, which will be in Huntington Beach alongside with roaming soul of Guy Fieri (one of the tacos is named "Winner winner, fried chicken dinner), will have 10 "premium" tacos, thick-cut fries and boozy shakes. One of the shakes will be the "Mexican Car Bomb," which has ice cream and Guinness Stout in it.

We're assuming someone will infuse Doritos dust at some point.