Trailercakes is Open in Knox Park (Photos)

Heads up, Triptophan-lovers. It's time to trade whipped cream and marshmallows for buttercream and ...marshmallows, because breaking news: Bubbles the Airstream's mommies have a new home base. And Dallassites have a new permanent spot to get their teeny tiny cupcake on. Trailercakes, one of the first food trailers to hit the streets of Dallas, is now open, strip-center-style, in Knox Park between Pei Wei and SportClips. It's a small space, but it's big enough to house a cupcake-and-icing-making kitchen and a display case full of sweet goodies.

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Owners Heather Zidell and Leora Azoulay-Lesh have closed their Garland baking epicenter in favor of this new Dallas spot where they can bake and sell to Dallassites looking to get their fix, seven days a week. Right now they're open from 10 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. every day, and I bet they can't wait for you to come in and get a taste or twelve.

Just like Bubbles does, the permanent cupcake outpost will offer new and/or seasonal cupcake creations (like jack, with his pumpkin cake, cinnamon cream cheese center and and marshmallow cream cheese frosting), in addition to the favorites Bubbles fans have grown to love. More specifically, some of those favorites include the "pebbles & bam bam" (white cake with a marshmallow center topped with buttercream and fruity pebbles), the "pb&j" (white cake filled with grape jelly and topped with peanut butter fluff) and "the king" (banana cake topped with peanut butter fluff and a chocolate covered banana chip). These mouthfuls join nearly twenty standard recipes, which doesn't count whatever Zidell and Azoulay-Lesh are currently mixing up. Mini cupcakes (I'd call 'em two to three biters) will cost you $1.75 or $18 per dozen, while the "biggy" sized cupcakes will run you twice that.

Now there's no excuse not to treat yourself for any old reason. Perhaps today it was the fact that all that leftover pumpkin pie is no more. Tomorrow, who knows. Trailercakes' small stature and size-appropriate pricing makes it all too tempting to stop by for just one. As for me, the hardest part may not be choosing which flavor, but sticking to that whole "just one" idea.

Best of luck to us all.

Trailercakes is located at 3001 Knox Street, Suite 101, between Pei Wei and SportClips.

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