Eat This

Zaguan's Sandwich: Elevated Desk Fare For a Hurried Lunch

I love eating lunch out. I like long, luxurious mid-day meals with wine and a course or three, with coffee for dessert. But who's got time for that? I admit, now that I eat for a living I indulge myself way more often than I used to, but deadlines are deadlines, and I often find myself eating out of Styrofoam at my desk.

Not that there's anything wrong with that -- especially with Zaguán Bakery close by. I've been pummeling their arepas, the flat corn cakes stuffed with all sorts of fillings, on a bi-weekly basis since I got here.

The namesake sandwich, though, is one of the best takeout dishes I've had in a while. The standard option comes with shredded beef and sweet onions, served with melted Swiss cheese and mayonnaise, but they'll sub warm chunks of chicken breast coated in tomato sauce.

The bread seals the deal. It has a decent crust that's tough and blistered and stands up to warm fillings where other loaves might go limp. Makes me want to smuggle a bottle of wine into the office and have an espresso machine installed near my desk. Even a quick meals can be decadent.