Chewing the Fat: Five ... Five Dolla ... Five Dolla Foie Gras

When times get tough, people need comfort food. But with BPA in soda cans, blood thickening energy drinks and stroke-inducing alcohol, what can we safely eat to feel guilty and gluttonous at the same time? Answer: Foie gras. Nothing says "comfort" like an overfed liver. The downside? It's damn expensive.

But not everywhere. reports that starting today, 18 restaurants in the City of Brotherly Love will have $5 foie gras dishes on their menus during the not-so-cleverly named Foie Gras Week. If nothing else, the event usually stirs up controversy with animal rights groups, though this year the article says activists have cooled it down.

Hey, when they start pricing it for the poor, "right" and "wrong" become a little hazy.